Our History

And why we farm

Chris grew up on a dairy farm in Ohio and Amy was raised in a small ranching community in Texas. In college, we both studied conservation and agriculture and always knew there was some sort of farm in our futures. As destiny would have it, we met in a greenhouse at a community garden in Austin where we cultivated a relationship that took us on many organic farming adventures throughout the country. After the birth of our second son, we finally settled down on an old farmstead in the Texas Hill Country and started Blue Bramble Farm. We farm because we love to be outdoors and we enjoy growing things. It's that simple! We are thankful that we get to tend this small plot of land and share what we grow with a community that values farms, farmers, open space and good food! Here are some shots from our farming past:


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We are a small family farm near Wimberley, Texas.  We grow vegetables and produce honey using organic methods.  









About Blue Bramble Farm

And your farmers Amy, Chris, Joe Henry, and Garner

Blue Bramble Farm